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Super Sparkly News!!!

Right now, I feel like I've consumed ALL of these:


My amazing editor, Kate Angelella, who is a total , has decided that she's willing to put up with my overly caffeinated phone calls, Twittering in her presence and my obsession with R Pattz and has asked me to write books 9-12 in the Canterwood Crest series!!

Dance party! :)

This means Sasha and friends get to ride on for four more books!

To everyone who made it happen (again!!) I'm so, so grateful and am thrilled to have all of you on Team Canterwood! Aladdin MIX = awesome.

I'm in total shock right now and can't even find the words to express how happy I am to be able to continue the stories of Sasha and her friends. I *never* thought I'd have twelve books. Never. And it would not have happened without the amazing, continued support of people who've backed me all the way.

I looked back through my blog and my last book deal was in December. So many things have changed since then, but my intense love for my books hasn't. If anything, it has grown because of the wonderful fans who love the books and show it!

And this time last year? I was squeeing on the phone with EK when she sent me the cover for TAKE THE REINS, my first book.



The books will continue on the bi-monthly pub schedule, so stay tuned for dates, covers and all of that fun stuff coming soon.

Again, I want to thank Kate for working side-by-side with me on this crazy schedule, for loving the books as much as I do and for listening to all of my insecurities and being the first one to know that I can do this. I'm beyond grateful to you for everything.


OMG that is AWESOME! Congrats! What a year you've had :)

Leah Clifford
Alea said…
Yayyyyyyyy! Can you believe that soon you will be the author of 12 books!?!
Colorado Writer said…
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!
Madison said…
Yay! That is SO exciting!
Bri Meets Books said…
Oh congrats Jess, but I can't say I'm surprised!

So will the series follow her throughout her entire school career?
Sara Hantz said…
Wow, Jess, that's awesome news. HUGE congrats!!!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keri Mikulski said…
Kelly Krysten said…
YAY! Congrats! This is so awesome, Jess. It couldn't happen to a sweeter person.

PS: My niece is going to be thrilled you're doing more CC books!:)
Linda D. (sbk) said…
Yay!!! That's so awesome! I'm thrilled for you!
Anonymous said…
That's amazing, Jess! I am so happy for you - I can't wait to read the future books!!!
Anna said…
Congrats! That's awesome news! :-D
aln said…
Congratulations, Jessica!

anita nolan
michelle b said…
Fantastic news Jessica -- congratulations!
whooo! go jess! I was hoping they would expand the series. Amazing news, cant wait for more books.
Lee Goldberg said…

Remember how good you feel now when you are mired in plot problems and complete creative bankruptcy one lonely night at 2 a.m. smack in the middle of book 10...with your delivery deadline approaching in days.

You will get past it.

Bookworm said…
Congratulations Jess! This is AMAZING!!!

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