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Sneak peeks of NEW MOON from Comic Con!


Sneak peeks from NEW MOON at Comic Con!! (Cue my fan girl screams!) Um, shirtless Jake. And then...shirtless Edward.


I will refuse to stop talking about these clips for days.

A million thanks to the YouTuber who filmed these!!


The shirtless Taylor practically made me faint. *sighs dramatically*
Ameya said…
Whoa dude... those girls at the screening are out of control. Are we fangirls with dignity so rare?

Not that I don't squee like mad.. i just have a volume control knob!

But man. Taylor seriously gets mad props for his physique! I think he looks a lot better shirtless than pattison! D:
zmong. shirtless taylor = *faints*
can't wait til this comes out! will definitely be seeing it at midnight!
Anonymous said…
Please let this fad die out soon, at least with Pirates Jack was funny and had character.
Leefatay said…
Hmm, didn't feel like showing my sn last post...
Leefatay, I feel as if you *want* a million fangirls (including me) to come kick you. :) Cuz we will. But the Jack ref made me smile. Nice. xx
Anonymous said…
OMG! Taylor is soooooooo dreamy! November will not get here soon enough. And I agree with Ameya, Tay does look ALOT better shirtless than Rob. I like Rob, but I like Taylor more though. Though every Taylor Lautner fan has the right to scream very loudly when Taylor rips his shirt off like that. Go Team Jacob! :)

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