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A new four-book deal!!! Yay! :D

Middle grade Jessica Burkhart's CANTERWOOD CREST series books 5-8, billed as The Clique meets The Saddle Club, to Kate Angelella at Aladdin, in a four-book deal, by Alyssa Eisner Henkin at Trident Media Group (NA)

I am sooo thrilled to announce that I’ve signed a new four-book deal with Simon & Schuster’s Aladdin MIX for books five through eight in the Canterwood Crest series!! This has been in the works for weeks and I'm so happy that I can talk about it!! I’ll be working with the lovely and talented Kate Angelella who makes every outline, revision and chat session an absolute joy.

Big thank you to my agent, Alyssa Eisner Henkin, for working out the deal and for being superexcited about Canterwood. Yay!

Thanks to everyone I’ve worked with so far at S&S.

Woo hoo! It feels amazing to be able to announce it and share the news with everyone!

It’s an incredible feeling that’s quite unlike the first book deal. With the first deal, I thought “Are they sure they want me? Really? Is this, like, a fluke where I’ll be a one-deal author and then I’ll disappear forever without another deal?”

Now, it’s an “OMG, they want me for more books. Maybe I have a real shot at doing this till I’m old!” ;)

I’m deeply grateful and humbled to be able to do what I love and thanks to everyone for supporting me—you know who you are. You do realize that by being my friends, you’ll eventually end up in a book, right? ;)

By the way, for a bit of weirdness, the offer was officially accepted eight years to the day of when I had my spinal fusion and stopped riding. How’s that for timing?


Erin said…
I'm so so happy for you!
Melissa Walker said…
WOW. I am amazed. You rock!
A. R. said…
Wow! Just read about this on Facebook and had to come check it out! Congrats! Four books a year two years in a row; you are amazing!! I bow down to your prolific-ness!! (And yes, that is a word! . . .Kinda . . .) Huge, HUGE congrats!!!!
A. R. said…
Sorry, um . . . that up there? That;s me--Aprilynne Pike. I'm totally signed in wrong. *blush*
TJ Brown said…
What bright and happy news during this dark time:)
Anonymous said…
OH MY GOD!!! I am so, so, so excited for you! This is amazing. :)
Danette Haworth said…
Oh Jessica! This is so amazing! I'm so happy for you that I can't stop using exclamation points!

This is serious big news and will keep you writing for a while. And your new website is so ready to handle your fan base, which I expect will be quite large with eight books!

Heather Harper said…
I am so happy for you, Jessica! This is way awesome!!!

And remember, celebratory calories are freebies. ;-)
Sarah Ockler said…
Jessica - just saw your note on myspace. That's AWESOME! Many, many congrats to you. Actually I was thinking about your books yesterday because we watched the movie Dreamer! Which probably has nothing in common with your books other than the horses, but that's what reminded me. :-)

Anyway, congrats again on the amazing news!
AmyM said…
YAY!! How wonderful!
ladydisdain said…
Congrats, Jessica!

(Melissa from Kidliterate)
Sara Hantz said…
Jess, I'm so thrilled for you. When I read it on PM today I couldn't stop smiling. You definitely will be able to this til you're old!!!

Hugest congrats ever!!!!!!
This is what you're meant to do! Great stuff. :) Congratulations!!
Shelli said…
Congrads! Just read on Publisher Deals! This was the one from NaNoWriMo right?
Thank you all so much!! :)
Alyson Noel said…
YAY Jessica!!! Huge, Major, Jumping up and down with excitement, CONGRATS!!!!
Stephanie J said…
Awesome! Congratulations on a well-deserved deal! :) I can't wait until the first one comes out!
Robyn said…
Oh my goodness, congrats! How incredibly exciting!!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! My daughter and I are so very excited for the release of this series. We were just at the stables this morning and I reminded her about it! Can't wait to host you on my blog. Say hello to your agent for me! ;-)
Woah, that is weird timing. it's fate. but OMG! That's so awesome!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

Barrie said…
That is fantastic news! You go, girl!

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