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Got questions? Ask away!

I posted this over on the Canterwood Crest forum, but wanted to repost it here. If you've got questions about the Canterwood books, writing, publishing, whatever--ask 'em here! Leave your question in the comments section and I'll answer all of them in a YouTube video.

You've got until August 4th to leave your question(s) here. I'll post a video soon after I compile all of them.

I think it'll be fun! :)

Don't forget to check out yesterday's post and enter to win a signed copy of Triple Fault!

PS- I hope to start replying to e-mail tomorrow! Sorry, guys!


Did you write Blackheart Mountain on paper or type it on the computer? Are you looking to get it published?
I start writing REALLY intriguing and good books, but by the 5th chapter, I somehow get bored and I put it down and never finish. Do you have any helpful tips to help me keep writing them?
CanterwoodChloe said…
On the cover of best enimies is that heather and jasmine? thanks!
Emma said…

Do you think that if someone is seriously interested in pursuing a writing career, they should wait until they've had the proper training through college? Or should you just take a shot at it when your younger? [Which would result in a better chance at being published?]

Also, if you are interested in taking college courses for a writing career, what do you suggest? Which classes did you take?

Lastly, what colleges would you recommend to someone who wants to pursue becoming an author?

Thanks, Jessica!
Anonymous said…
hey i am now crazy about your series.... I admire that sasha love charm and will do anything and to keep him happy,in a way she is like me. we bolth have horses. i am nuts about your series and he and i really need to know dose sasha lose callies friend ship forever
Anonymous said…
Hi Jessica, I have a few questions about writing and publishing that need to be answered.

1. How do you come up with such great conflicts?

2. How do you get inspiration when you're stuck in the middle of your writing?

3. How can I find a agent/publisher?

4. Is it better to write a novel on paper or type it on the computer?

5. How can I write a book in a few months? Should I plan it out by outlining every chapter then write it?

~Kathryn :D

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Apologies about the difficulties with downloading the video! The awesome Jo at Glass Slipper Webdesign walked me through it and everything is all set!

If' you've already downloaded the video, please try to download it again--it won't charge you.

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