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Triple Fault is here! (Early, I know!)

This is a super sparkly day because...

is shipping! Well, it's shipping from Barnes & Noble and that means it's going to start releasing in other places very, very soon!

Now that it's my fourth book, I'm like, sure, I'm still new at all of this

Totally kidding. Unlike Captain Jack, I don't expect you to have heard of me. But maybe you know about Canterwood Crest. If not, to recap:

It's about a girl who
and adores her horse.

There's also a and they might

It's the fourth book in a series of twelve for tweens from Simon & Schuster's Aladdin MIX.

I feel like this:
(EK and Jess)

This book is incredibly special to me for various personal reasons. I know people think I might say that with every book, but it's totally true for this one.

And okay, I wanted to tell this entire post with Twilight avatars and graphics, but uh, I restrained myself. :)

Hearts and sparkles to everyone who made this happen! Now I'll be watching for it be available in other places. Book stalking will begin soon! Ha. :)

Yaaay Triple Fault!


Bri Meets Books said…
This post made me smile. :)
I'm glad! I'm contemplating doing all future posts in graphic format, LOL.
Bookworm said…
Wow! Congrats! *Exictingness* And I totally agree, the graphic format is so fun and entertaining!
Bookworm said…
...Wow, I just realized I spelled excitingness wrong. Which is a word that I made up. *Fail*
yabooknerd said…
Sweet. Can't wait to read it :)
Happy Release Day
Anonymous said…
man this is to exciting i can't wait much longer
funnny pictures
*squeals* I can't wait!!! I LOVE Canterwood Crest soo much!
Anonymous said…
Yes! Triple Fault! I can't wait to find out what happens with Sasha, Heather and the rest of the Canterwood Crest characters!

Also, I can't wait for more Canterwood Crest books! Thank You Jessica for extending the series!

Kelly Krysten said…
I've been informed by my niece that this is a great book. She won't let me touch it till she's done. But kissing? Fingers are so crossed it's Sasha and Jacob.
terrio said…
My daughter is anxiously awaiting this one. This is the first series that has gotten her crazed for reading and I greatly thank you for that.
Only ten more days until Triiple Fault comes...I'm gonna go beg my mom to buy it on Amazon.
Danette Haworth said…
I like this post, too!

Congrats on Triple Fault. I'm so impressed with your prolificness (Yes, this is a word! I looked it up but Blogger still doesn't like it!) and commitment to writing.

Good job!

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