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Take the Reins at the Lip Smacker Lounge :)

Check it out! :)

I've been waiting a while to share this! I've teamed up with Lip Smacker and they've featured TTR as a PDF download, which is super cool. I'm pretty much obsessed with Lip Smacker products and so (surprise, surprise) is Sasha. I'm super excited!

Plus, girls can leave comments about the book. Fun! :)

Thank you to everyone (LR, VW, KA, BB) who made this happen! Yay!

Also, If you're in Tallahassee and you're looking for a copy of Take the Reins, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and Borders are currently sold out. They're on reorder, though, so definitely check back. I'll be visiting the stores to sign the stock when they come in. :) Thanks so much to everyone who picked up a copy in Tally! You all rock.


Keri Mikulski said…
Great stuff! Congrats on being sold out. :)
Alyson Noel said…
Great stuff! I was also obsessed with lip smackers as a kid--and being sold out-- FABULOUS!!
Thanks, Keri!

And I'm still obsessed with it, Alyson! :)
Bookworm said…
I used to love LipSmackers, they make the best flavors. *A&W root beer....yum*
allhorsestuff said…
Hi there,
You came by my place today...just checking in to say thanks and that I wiil return sometime to read some of your writings!
Erica Ridley said…
Awesome!!! Go Jess!!

/erica runs off to sample LipSmackers before J discovers E's never tried them...

Go to the store. Now! :)
Anonymous said…
I love ALL sorts of lip stuff and I am OBSESSED w/ your books! Puh-lease write more and more and never stop!!!! Thanks for everything!
Anonymous said…
I love you!!
Anonymous said…
I love you!!
Claudia said…
Hey Jessica Burkhart I just wanted to thank you for writing the books because before I read the books I didn't know half the things about horses then I did now so.... THANK YOU

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