Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Article in Tallahassee Woman and being brave

That article is out now in the Feb/March issue of Tallahassee Woman. Big thanks to Justin for interviewing me. I appreciate it!

I'd typed this light-hearted silly blog, but I deleted it. Instead, I've been thinking a lot about this post at Stephanie Kuehnert's blog. Steph, hope you don't mind that I'm linking to it. But I couldn't ignore it and not comment on it. Steph, my fellow Teen Fiction Cafe sister, is a brave, amazing woman. Just go read her post and you'll see. I'm just so impressed with Stephanie for going for it and blogging about something intensely personal that she'd been through. Her post will no doubt help girls and women going through similar situations.

And I because I'm not as brave as Steph, I'm moving the rest of this post over to LiveJournal and am locking it. I was squirming too much to write it here. Sorry! If you're on my super f-locked friends list, you'll be able to read it. I hope to unlock it later.


2 shout outs:

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Hey Jess, Of course I don't mind. Thanks for calling me brave :) And I do hope it helps plenty of girls and women.

Great article btw!

Janie said...

I read Stephanie's blog and I'm moved by her openness. It's never easy to open up like that.
Enjoyed the Tallahassee article on you, Jessica. You are amazing to have sone so much, so young.

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