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Scrap driftwood horses

My aunt Lola sent me these pics in an email. Aren't these AMAZING? These women (I don't know who they are--I wish I did!) create these horses out of scrap driftwood. So. Cool. I think they're gorgeous. I want one. :)

Today, I've got my interview for Tallahassee Magazine at Starbucks. Yay! I don't want to scare the woman, so I *won't* have an espresso before she arrives. 'Cause I'm nice like that. ;) But when I email people later, they'll be like, "Uh-oh. You're hyper. Coffee. I can tell."


madison said…
Oh, they're gorgeous!

Best of luck at your interview!
Alea said…
One of our local museums has something like that and it's a horse too! It is a little more vague in its form though. Pretty awesome!
Bookworm said…
Those are so gorgeous.
AND OMG JESS I got my Young Rider today, and there was this three page interview with YOU! I was so happy, I was, like squealing! Congrats!
Bookworm said…
donnaparty said…
These are driftwood horse sculptures by Heather Jansch who live and work in Westcountry of England. Its amazing how she managed to put those branches together to form such an art.
donnaparty said…
By the way, here is her web site:
Lily Cate said…
Deborah Butterfield does the same thing. Her's are cast in bronze. Very elegant.

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