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Book signing at BAM with lots of pics! :)

A future reader!

People enjoying Mary Lackey's mini horses

My new friend Tommy who brought the hay.

Mary Lackey--the awesome woman who loaded up her mini horses!

Jason, my "little" brother, who came to check out the event.

My friend Greg who came and made me promise to remember him when I become famous. ;) It was great to see you, Greg!

One of the nicest guys I've ever met. He's a retired colonel and he was so sweet. He even took video as I signed the book.

Crowd control! ;)

Mandy M, can you see my awesome boots?

Lewis--a local author.

My new friend, M! I even signed her copy of Young Rider. So sweet.

I'm visiting her school soon.

Minutes before the event began. Trying not to freak out.

The set up outside the doors. I just sat down inside and hoped that someone would actually show up. I was going through JA Konrath's signing advice in my head. It really helped, Joe. Thanks!

Bill Bothwell, the community ambassador at BAM. He coordinated this entire event. Thank you, thank you, Bill.

*Soooo, my first signing at Books-A-Million was AMAZING! We were under the threat of a tornado watch, yet people still came. I got started at 11am and by 2pm, it started to look scary outside. We closed up shop with zero books left. I met so many great people and had a blast.

The girls that I met were so sweet and smart. I'll be visiting some of their schools soon and they promised to come up and say hi again.

It was fun to meet readers and almost every girl had a horse story to tell me. Either they ride at summer camp, or rode a friend's pony last summer or even just petted a horse once. I loved talking to all of you and thank you for coming to see me!

The entire signing was great and it was a wonderful first experience. :) I was super nervous last night! I think I was Twittering at midnight about how freaked out I was and I had to force myself not to call/text everyone in my phone for advice.

Thank you so much to the follow people/businesses:

Bill Bothwell
Mary Lackey and family
Weekend Furniture Bargains for providing my gorgeous desk
Fresh Market for the lovely orchid
Books-A-Million for hosting me
Tommy for bringing the hay
Happy Trails Ranch for providing the hay
The Books-A-Million employees for talking up Take the Reins

(*I'm using "so," TM, so ha!) ;)


~Em~ said…
Perfect, my dear!
Gina Black said…
Congrats on a successful event. Looks like it was loads of fun!
Lianne said…
congratualons, that it was sucessful!
Bookworm said…
Congrats, looks super-successful and FUN! Scary about the tornado watch but YAY on the big crowd turnout! I wish I lived in Tallahassee.....too bad I'm on the opposite coast in San Francisco! (:
Nora MacFarlane said…
Congratulations to you!
Alyson Noel said…
Congratulations on a great event!! You look so pretty!!
Kelly said…
What a fun day for you to meet your readers!! Loved the pics!
Mitch Wallace said…
Looks like it was a really successful (first) book signing. Congratulations! I bet you had a great time!
nova said…
Oh, congrats! It looks like it went really, really well!!
Kelly Krysten said…
Okay, that is the coolest set up for a book signing I've ever seen. I would totally buy a book that gave me the opportunity to pet ponies!(I still have very fond memories of all of the 'My Little Ponies' I had as a kid.*g* )
Also, I'm so glad it went well.:)
hunter said…
omg looked like it went soo well! ;>

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