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The PR Ninja obsesses

I've been thinking a lot over the weekend about book promo. A lot. Kind of obsessing about it, actually. Take the Reins has been out (officially) for a couple of weeks and I'm fixated on the ancient argument--the people who say, "Do publicity until you drop!" and the others who think, "Just write!"

I think I've done a decent amount of press work for Take the Reins. But the nagging feeling of, "Dude, you're not doing enough! C'mon!" keeps coming back. Like, I had an actual nightmare about being a publicity slacker, LOL. :) I was in a boardroom and people were shaking their heads with disapproving glares...scary! I half-expected Donald Trump to show up and fire me. I definitely have an intense fear of not doing enough.

Half of my writer friends say, "Yes! It's enough publicity unless someone comes to you. Keep writing the books and put your focus there." Others say, "Well, that's great, but more publicity would be even better. Focus on publicity and writing."

Personally, I'm on the side of doing publicity and writing, but keeping the main focus on writing. It's tricky, as a new author, to figure out how to handle everything. Maybe it just comes with time and more books. Until then, I'm still trying to find a balance. :)

Any debut authors want to chime in?

ETA: We're having a great discussion about this over at Lisa Schroeder's!


Kelly Krysten said…
Jess, you're doing great!!! Stop stressing. I am not a debut author(as we know!) but when the time comes I'm going to you for advice about PR stuff.:)

PS: Let us Originals know if there's anything we can do to help. We love our friends(especially you)!:)
Thank you, Kelly! :)

I will sooo let you guys know if I need help. The offer makes me feel less stressed, so thanks.
Sydney Salter said…
Girls were ALL OVER your book at my daughter's Scholastic Book Fair, so I'm guessing you're doing all the right things (and they will want to read more!) So you better keep writing.

Thanks for the post--publicity scares me too. Haven't had nightmares, yet. *shudder*
Alyson Noel said…
Jessica- You're doing an AMAZING job, seriously! I am gobsmacked over your accomplishments. And though I'm no longer a debut author, I remember when I was, and my publicity campaign pretty much consisted of me crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!!
Thanks for telling me that, Sydney! :)

And thanks, Alyson. :)
Micol Ostow said…
I am definitely of the belief that publicity is crucial. What I try to do myself is to designate certain days for one or the other, rather than to have to constantly split my focus or shift back and forth. But it seems to me like you've got a good balance going. Try not to get caught up in the hamster wheel--I know how it feels to get caught up in the "never enough" mentality.
Yeah, Micol, I think it just takes time, too, to figure out what you're comfortable doing and how much of it should be done. But I'm all about promoting to the best of my ability and seeing what happens.
Keri Mikulski said…
You are doing amazing, Jessica!!!

It is a tough balance.. I obsess too and always feel I'm not doing enough. Then, I read a post by Ally Carter who said - work on the writing and leave the PR for last and it helped to let it go a little bit.
You're doing fabulous! Keep it up and don't get discouraged.

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