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Tomorrow's guest

Just a friendly reminder that author Daphne Grab is here tomorrow with a giveaway! Even if you've won before, it's okay! Be back here tomorrow to enter.

The post has to be short today to avoid any unnecessary typing. Yep, my carpal is back in full force in my right hand (it HAD to be the mouse hand!) and while the brace has kept it out of my wrist, it's now in my elbow. :/ Annoying and painful.

So, if you've emailed me in the past few days and I haven't emailed back that's why. I'm taking Aleve (not working) and using a heating pad (also really not working.)

Anyway...come back tomorrow!


Alyson Noel said…
Sorry to hear about your carpal--that is sooo painful!

Rest up-- and feel better!
Kelly Parra said…
Ouch on the carpal!!
Breanna said…
Aww, thats so crappy for you.

My aunt has carpal, I feel bad for anyone that has it. Hopefully it'll get a bit better for you.

Feel better.


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