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It's a draft! Yay!

Eeeee!! You're looking at my first printed draft of the new Canterwood Crest book! (I know it's blurry, but I didn't want to, you know, give away any plot secrets just yet...) YAY!! Sure, it's a mess and needs several edits and about 5,000 more words, but it's a draft! Woo hoo! I had old light blue paper, so I printed it on that and had fun editing on something that wasn't boring, old white paper. I love the sight of a new draft.

I celebrated by deciding to buy myself a new phone when I turn in the completed manuscript later in the summer. I've been desperate to have WiFi on my phone since I'm a serial e-mail checker, so I'm leaning toward a BlackBerry Pearl or the new iPhone releasing in July. Anyone have a BlackBerry Pearl? Like it? I've had my phone for a couple of years and it's time for a change.

Give me an update on your project status! Who's working on revisions? Or drafting? Share!


Sam said…
Congratulations, Jessica. That's great. I'm the same as you. Just finished the first draft of my middle-grade novel yesterday. Aaaaaahhhhh! What a feeling! My husband took me to dinner to celebrate last night. Now on to revisions.
Oooh, congrats to you, too! It's an amazing, wonderful feeling!! Yay! :)
Kaleb said…
Yay! I always like the look of a new draft printed out :D
Lets editor has my first editorial letter coming the end of this week, which I am looking forward to with a mixture of anticipation and dread. And I'm still in the middle of book 2 draft 1, about 160 pages in. Fun starting something new after working on book 1 so long!
I think after I finish the first draft, I'll buy a new video camera :D mine is a misery to behold.
Hey, Kaleb! Oooh, the first letter. Drum roll...

My tip--look at it, be emotional in whatever way you choose and then stuff it under your bed for the required and mandatory waiting period of 24-hours. Then tackle it at will. :)

Good idea on the camera!
Mary Danielson said…
Woohoo! New drafts are always exciting!! Okay, not that I would know since I'm a the tail-end of my first one ever, but sounds very exciting.;) Congrats, Jess!
Anonymous said…
That's awesome!

I'm rewriting my teen vampire book, as well as writing another contemporary teen book. I'm not sure whether either of them will get published because I'm only 13 and I know I have a long ways to go writing wise but I'm willing to try.

Anyway, congrats! I can't wait for the series to come out. I LOVE horse books!

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