Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Don't spill water on your outline!

Yesterday, I was working from my outline for my new Canterwood Crest book. I had it printed and had zillions of notes in the margins and ideas for what needed to be done in each chapter. It was beside my laptop while I typed and it gave me the directions I needed to finish each chapter.

I wrote some of those notes with a lovely purple Uni-Ball Vision and the rest with a blue Zeb-Roller.

Why should you care about my pen selections? Because I knocked a water glass onto my outline and everything I wrote with the Uni-Ball lifted off the pages and turned into one giant grape-colored smear. I would have had a fit if I hadn't JUST finished with the outline. This just shows how truly shallow I am--I went for a pretty pen based on its color when I could have been fine with a ball point Bic. But no, I had to have purple!

Lesson--Uni-Ball pens are not for writing anything you can't afford to lose if water should fall onto your paper.

(However, um, I still love my Uni so much that I'll continue to use it for other purposes...) :)

2 shout outs:

Alyson Noel said...

Yikes on the outline!

But--you can save the pen for your book signings! It can be your special, um, book-signing-pen . . .

Jessica Burkhart said...

Oooh, very true, Alyson. :)

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