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7 months from Take the Reins publication!

It's June 27!!! (Um, duh, you say.)

But it's the 27 that's important!

That's right, twenty-seven. Two seven. We are now... 7 months away from publication of Take the Reins (Canterwood Crest!) YAAAHOOO!!! :o)

OMG. That means, gulp, next month it'll be six. (Notice my awesome counting skills?) S-I-X. That means next month, changes will be happening! Woo!


Anonymous said…
YAY! I can just imagine how exciting that must be! Have you gotten the ARC to it yet so you've been able to hold it in your hands yet?
Nope, no ARC yet, but I have covers and I can't wait to share! :)
Sara Hantz said…
VERY exciting..... enjoy the countdown....
C.R. Evers said…
How exciting!!!!! That's awesome!

Whooo hooo!!!

OHHH very exciting! I'm sure you're pumped and you should be!! Congrats!!

OHHH very exciting! I'm sure you're pumped and you should be!! Congrats!!

Sookie said…
When you get the ARC you must tell us about it! Congrats!
Freedom Star said…
So I didn't notice, but you posted a comment on my almost non-existant blog MONTHS ago, and I only just saw it now. >.< Sorry. but I must say, the picture of you and the palamino grabbed my attention. In fact, anything to do with horses will pique my interest. So I'll be keeping an eye on your blog and on the store shelves for when your book comes out!
Thanks, everyone! You're all going to be SICK of me counting down. I'm obsessed with it, LOL. :)

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