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Workin' on edits

I'm excited! I'm days away (maybe 3 days) from finishing up a huge set of edits. Y-A-Y! That's the best feeling, isn't it? To be this close to giving up the manuscript and passing it along to an agent, editor or critique partner to read. I've been working super-extra-crazy hours to make this draft as best I can and even though I go all out on all my drafts--this one got an extra oopmf from somewhere.

Also...I can't say much at this point, but work on the cover for Take the Reins has commenced!! :) As I get details that I can share from Editor K, I'll pass them along. It's so, so exciting to dream up a cover and think about the jumble of pages and words becoming an actual book. That people will read. And hopefully like. :)

As you noticed, there's no guest this Friday. On April 4, however, the fun and fabulous Debbie Reed Fischer is stopping by. Don't miss that.

Finally, I'm working on plotting a 3-video set just for aspiring freelancers. If you've e-mailed me before about how to get into freelancing, these videos are for you. They'll take you from choosing a market, to formatting and writing a query to fulfilling the assignment. Watch for those in April or early May. If you've got freelancing questions you want answered, e-mail me within the next couple of weeks and I'll be sure to try and tackle your questions.

Back to work! TGIF!


Kaleb said…
Yeah, I'm about to get started on those edits too. My editor is at Bologna now- it's a strange sort of anticipation where you're actually looking forward to a huge load of work coming your way :D
PJ Hoover said…
Congrats on being so close to done!
Exactly, Kaleb. My little brother doesn't understand why I go stir crazy waiting for work to come my way! :) My agent is at Bologna, too.

Thanks, PJ! :)

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