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Easter Egg Pictures

Every year, my family and I still dye Easter eggs for fun. The eggs on top are hardboiled and the eggs in the second picture are blown out eggs we made 10 years ago and have managed to keep from breaking that long. That's quite a feat if you knew my family moved often.

I watched Martha Stewart for a bit on Friday to see if I could replicate any of her Easter egg tricks. But no. She made lace Easter eggs. No spare lace in my house. :)

So, if you celebrate it, Happy Easter!

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PJ Hoover said…
Whoa! For a second I didn't get the "blown out" part and I thought you kept normal eggs around that long. But wait, don't eggs last forever?
LOL, PJ. That would have been baaad. :)
TJBrown said…
Those are lovely... we didn't do Easter Eggs this year... my teens were too busy!

WAH! Well, the whole in the hospital thing kept me busy too. HA!
Barrie said…
We do the blown out eggs too. And we've been fairly lucky, so far, in keeping them intact. :)

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