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6 random things

I was tagged by Book~Adorer to do six unimportant things about myself. So, here we go.

1. If you're watching TV with me, I have to hold the remote. This is non-negotiable. :)

2. I've never been to Starbucks. Gasp, I know! I just cannot pay that much for a coffee!

3. I'm addicted to my blog and Website StatCounter. I check them every day.

4. I failed my first college essay. Miserably, I might add.

5. My math skills suck. They're embarrassingly bad!

6. I think I'm getting addicted to video blogging. :)

Anyone else who wants to play is tagged!


Barrie said…
And your first college essay was on what topic? :)
Alyson Noel said…
NEVER been to Starbucks (gasp!).
Not even to use the bathroom??
Barrie, it was an assigned essay on some football guy--Vince Lombardi. Football is sooo not my fav. :)

Never, Alyson. Not a foot in the door, LOL. :)

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