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Winners and misc

gray kitty

We’ve got 2 winners of BLOOD BROTHERS! Kat and

lilrongal, you’ve both won a signed copy of BLOOD BROTHERS! You’ve got 48 hours to e-mail me your name and address or I’ll have to pick other winners. Thank you to S.A. Harazin for stopping by and if you didn’t win a copy, go get one!

So, yesterday, I decided to take a bit of a break before I dive into a new set of edits. It’s been almost three months since I lost my cat and I finally feel as if I can like another cat again. The sweet girl in the above pictures hangs out in my fenced in back yard sometimes. I always offer her cat food and treats, but she’s often too full to eat. Yep, she lives at a neighbor’s house down the street, but she wanders over for attention. Yesterday, I brought out the secret weapon guaranteed to make any cat fall in love with she who possesses said weapon. C-a-t-n-i-p. It doesn’t work on some cats, or kittens, but man, did little gray girl (we’re calling her “GG.”) love it! There was rolling, purring, yowling and even playful nipping. I forgot that she wasn’t “my” cat, forgot about my loss and enjoyed petting and playing with her. She’s a sweetie.

Enough about cats, right? I know, I know. Another one of those cat crazy clichéd writers. (But I’ve never had a one-eyed cat like Meg Cabot…)

This week is going to be busy. Red Hills (yes, I’ll shut up about it after this weekend) starts on Friday, but we’re expected to get a monster storm. Yeah, my town actually made it on World News Tonight on ABC on Saturday because we had tornadoes. Multiple ones. A house a few streets down was destroyed and a couple of people died. It happened around 7:30am and the sky was that awful, eerie yellow color. My family and I got REALLY lucky because the worst devastation was only 10 minutes away.

Anyway, before Red Hills, I’ve got tons of editing to do. Red Hills will be a nice treat at the end of the week. Look for video blogging from RH. (Stay away storms! Grr.)

On Friday, before I leave for the horse trials, I’ll be posting an interview with Cherry Cheva. She’s giving away a signed copy of SHE’S SO MONEY and a Family Guy t-shirt.

Winners, e-mail me at jessica [@] jessicaburkhart [dot] come with your name and address so S.A. can ship your prize.


Wow, tornadoes.. Your poor town. I can't imagine being in the path of one. And the yellow eerie sky. Yikes! Have fun at Red Hills! :)
Yeah, not fun at all!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful cat. But that picture of Jazz is absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure the right kitty will come your way, one eyed or not. Jazz left some big shoes to fill.

Wow, tornadoes. Do you expect many more? We're still early in our season out here in the midwest. Until last week, it was all frozen tundra. But the south seems like it's been hit pretty hard this year.
Thank you, Anon. :)

Nope, no more tornadoes in the near future. We've really been hit hard recently, as you noted. But I noticed there have been lots of snowstorms recently and even an earthquake in Connecticut last night!

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