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So the weather outside...

is awful. We're under ANOTHER (!) tornado watch, it's pouring buckets, it's freakishly windy and we've got a huge tree limb down in the back yard. This is a pain on busy days because I keep unplugging my desktop computer and wireless router so it doesn't get struck by lightning even though it has a surge protector. That cuts my poor laptop off from wireless. But...if I were doing what I was *supposed* to be doing, I wouldn't even be online right now! So, yeah, maybe the whole lightning thing is telling me something.

What's your weather today? I saw Ohio and Texas got snow in places and that's really going to affect today's voting. I'll be glued to the TV tonight for the results.


Chelsea said…
Ah. Hopefully it'll get better soon.

I live in Ohio, and while they called for a ton of snow, we barely got a frosting here. Maybe it'll snow more though. Hopefully. :) I love snow!
I love snow, too! I used to live in Central Illinois and I miss snow. :)
Beautiful here at the Jersey shore. We've had two gorgeous days, zoo and parks, but I guess that weather is coming our way.
Mary Danielson said…
Well, it was freezing yeserday in my dear Texas, but today it's supposed to be a lovely 65! Even where is snowed!

Our weather is crazy indeed, but I'm glad it cleared up for Primary/Caucus day.
paperxxflowers said…
It got pretty cold today, but it was warmer earlier this week.
Lucky you, Keri! :)

That's good that your weather has cleared up on this big day, Mary. I'm so glad you're back to blogging, btw. :)
PJ Hoover said…
Cold here in Austin today, but no snow! This past weekend it was 80!
We hit 80 last week, too, PJ. :)
Kelly Parra said…
yikes!! I'd totally freak out with the tornado watch. I hate to tell you it's sunny and warm in Cali. Be safe!
I think we'll be sunny tomorrow, Kel. Finally! And the tornado watch lifted. Whew.
TJBrown said…
HOpe you are doing okay!
Emily Hendricks said…
Clinton won in Ohio! Bet you're happy :)
Misque Writer said…
Tornados. Quite enjoyed them as a child, but I don't think I would now. I do miss snow.

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