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Diary of a Debut Author Promo Video

The winner of the Shana Norris giveaway is…Miss Erin! Yay! Erin, you’ve got 48 hours to e-mail me your name and address at jessica [at] jessicaburkhart [dot] com. Congrats!

Today’s my day to post at Teen Fiction Café, so I wanted to cross-post my entry. Check out the video! I shot it at a lake near my house and had to dodge killer bumblebees, a rambunctious yellow lab puppy and an angry goose. You can’t see, but behind me minnows and two painted turtles were watching. :)

The next blog video will go up on April 1 and check back soon for an exciting update on TAKE THE REINS!


Erin said…
Your video idea sounds like it'll be really fun. :)
Adorable, Jess! What a great idea...and you seem so calm, cool and collected here. Can't wait to see more videos. Should be a big help to all us debut novelists. :)
Thanks, Erin! :)

I'm really excited about it, Alexa. :)
Shari said…
Sounds great, Jessica! I'm looking forward to more of your videos. :)
Anidori-Isilee said…
I can't wait for more of these videos; it's an awesome idea.

lol about the "lighting by nature". :D
Jess said…
Great, Jess. You never cease to amaze me. I'll be watching for more.
Thank you, Shari.

LOL, Anidori.

Thanks, Jess! :)
Great idea! I can't wait to check it out..
What an awesome idea, Jess! I love it and can't wait to watch your journey!
Thanks, Keri and Stephanie! :)
Chris Rettstatt said…
Hi Jessica. I'm so glad you are doing these video blogs. I'm going through the exact same thing (debut author thing) and I am eager to watch another author as she travels down a similar path.
Thanks, Chris. I'm hoping it connects all of us in our soon-to-be debut status. It's nice to know you're not the only one out there. :)

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