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United States Pony Clubs--perfect for horsey promotion!

Today, I'm working on outlets for book promotion next year. In addition to conferences, I thought attending a few horse shows and Pony Club gatherings would put me in touch with my audience who will likely be horse loving tweens.

Did you know that there are over 600 United States Pony Clubs in the US? These clubs have over 12,000 riders up to the age of 21. I did a search and found a complete list of all of the Pony Clubs in the Deep South and will definitely start contacting them next year. I only thought about this when I read that Bonnie Bryant, the Saddle Club author, does signings at these events.

An interesting event to attend would be the USPC Championships on July 24-27 in Lexington, VA. I used to live in VA and it would be fun to go back. :)

Anyone ever been part of a Pony Club? I didn't when I rode horses, but I wish there had been one in my area. I rode at a nice-sized stable, Triple Springs, in Greenbrier, TN. Most of the riders there were adults and there was a great mix of riders. Some had wild Mustangs, some had Arabians for breeding and a few barrel raced Quarter Horses. I was the girl who rode bareback (not even a bridle) and made everyone nervous when I zoomed over creeks and fences. :)



Brooke Taylor said…
I never belonged to a Pony Club, just rode my horses around the pasture. One of my good friends was really into hunter/jumpers and kept her horse at the high-end stable. I used to love going through the Dover's catalog with her, watching her pick out deisigner leg wraps for her horse. LOL.
Oooh, yes, Brooke, designer leg wraps! :) Awesome! LOL. They have the coolest prints for saddle pads now...I'm so jealous.
Danette Haworth said…
OMG! Jumping bareback--no bridle even?! You're awesome!

(Did your mom get instant gray hair?)
She sure did, Danette! LOL :)
Barrie said…
What a great idea for signings!! I wonder if I can come up with an interesting angle like that? Haunted houses? Zoos with rhinos? :)

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