Saturday, October 20, 2007

Albus Dumbledore is gay says Rowling

Did you guys see this article? Wow, I never guessed! Apparently, there has been speculation for a long time, but I never read a word about it. How interesting!

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LEEZY said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for stumbling across my blog. I'm glad to see you are calling yourself a writer now — as you should! (I saw the old blog first)

I'll be posting more notes about the conference and what the authors etc had to say. I met some really interesting people. It was an insightful day.

I saw that today about Dumbledore, too. I guess one of the characters had to come out eventually. I always thought it'd be Neville though, despite his date to the ball. I don't know why. Or Dudley! HAH, that's would've been hilarious!!!!

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