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8 random things #2

The lovely Steph tagged me for 8 random facts for today. So, here they are:

1. I don't have cable. Nope, if I did, I'd watch waaaay too much TV. :)

2. So, based on #1, I've never seen an episode of The Hills or any of those crazy MTV reality shows.

3. Every December, I walk around my neighborhood almost every night just to look at the Christmas lights. I love how pretty, sparkly and warm the neighborhood feels.

4. I switched college minors three times and majors never. My minors went from film, to women's studies to humanities.

5. I can' t cook. Well...can't or won't? Difference? :)

6. I HATE scary movies. I can't handle anything even remotely scary or I won't sleep for days.

7. I despise the taste of milk--except for in cereal.

8. I own (and love) all of Britney's CDs. And, have you read this? Yes, Blackout is a hit with critics!

PS- I found this cool article! Check out the sidebar on the right...


Stephanie said…
Love the article that you posted! I'm glad it's getting some attention. :)

So you're one of thoooooose... one of those who doesn't like milk! I cannot understand you people. ;) But really, milk is actually my favorite drink. Weird how people love and hate the same thing, eh?

And I never took you for a Britney Fan!
Yep, I'm one of those non-milk loving people, LOL... It's a strange thing to dislike, but it's true. :)

I'm a closet Britney fan, I guess! Most people never guess. LOL
Jess said…
Hey Jess, thanks for the link. I enjoyed hearing the interview about how NaNoWriMo got started and I LOVE seeing you name over in the side-bar. How exciting for you!

P.S. I never figured you for a Britney fan either. That was a shocker!

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