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Cool cover colors--The Poison Apples

Yesterday, I picked up this really cool-looking book, The Poison Apples. Why is it cool? Because the edges of the pages are red! I've never seen anything like that and the book looks so neat just based on that singular fact. Have you ever seen dyed pages?

What are some of your favorite book covers? What draws your eye to them? Does a good cover aid in choosing a book? I'd love your thoughts! :)


Sara Hantz said…
I love book covers. Life Swap by Jane Green is one of my favourite covers, and also Louise Bagshawe's Sparkles. We often get different covers over here, for some reason.
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J M McDermott said…
I don't know what the prior poster is worried about.

The book looks fun. Also, how easy is it to retitle something poison-y and apple-ish?
SarahP said…
Jess, if you like covers, you might enjoy this design site:

Ooh, Sarah! You're my new BFF! :) LOL

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