Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fraidy cat

I was just visiting the NaNoWriMo forums and wow--they are so messed up! Posts are disappearing (well, you log in and you can't see your own posts), signatures are gone and bugs abound. I love the forums and I hope that's all fixed soon. It's such a bummer not to be able to start interacting with everyone with the forums being on the fritz. They work for some, but not for all apparently. :(

So, I went to the store with my mom this morning and I was in the Halloween aisle. One of those bowls for candy with the hand inside that screams and says something like "want some candy?" yelled at me when I walked by. I jumped a bit, but I was expecting it. If I'm caught off guard, I'll scream like a, well, girl. Yeah, I've got pretty bad nerves, I guess. I left the Halloween aisle and headed around a corner when a woman came around the same corner Not expecting to see anyone, I jerked back like I'd seen a ghost and went "ahh!" What was that?! Some kind of delayed reaction from the candy bowl? She looked at me like what a freak and walked away. I blushed and slunk off. Now, I'm laughing about it. :) And I'll be staying home for the rest of the day....

2 shout outs:

Sara Hantz said...

Too funny!! that's the sort of thing I would do.

Jessica Burkhart said...

LOL, Sara. I can laugh about it now. :)

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