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Conferences for 2008

Okay, I'm in need of advice from conference savvy blog readers. :) I'm looking into conferences for 2008 to promote myself and my book. I'm considering doing panels, booths, etc.

Now, here's an initial list of conferences I'm thinking about attending.

Miami International Book Fair
Sarasota Reading Fest
SCBWI FL Orlando
IRC Atlanta
IRC Nashville
Decatur (GA) Book Fest
Voices in Children's Lit

Has anyone been to any of these? Heard of them? Going to any in '08? I've got sooo many conferences to choose from and I'm trying to pick the "right" ones. They don't necessarily have to be in the South, but I'm trying to pick that location until I get a feel for how conferences are supposed to go. I'm a complete newbie, since I've never been to any. Yeah, very bad of me, I know. :)

If you've got suggestions, I'd love to hear them!


Sara Hantz said…
I don't the US conferences, but have you thought about putting in to do a workshop at any of these. Definitely a good way to promote yourself.
I sure have, Sara. But I don't know if people would laugh at the thought of me doing that since my book experience was zero until I inked my S&S deal.
Kelly Parra said…
I haven't attended any of these, and have yet to do a workshop. If our proposal gets accepted I'll be doing one in RWA 08. eek! Good luck with choosing!
Ooh, wow Kelly! That's so cool! A lot of people I know are probably doing RWA in 2008, so I'm sure they'll see you there. Fingers crossed that you'll get accepted to speak.

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