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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Tallahassee Democrat Photo Gallery

Until the article runs, the newspaper posted some of my photos from my photo shoot last week online. Check here

if you'd like to see them. You may be prompted to register, but that only takes a second. :)

5 shout outs:

April said...

Lovely photos, Jessica. Thank you for sharing!

Jessica Burkhart said...

Thank you, April! :)

Christa said...

Thanks for sharing these --- I teach high school English, and you have been a source of inspiration for a number of my scribes! And, for unpub me as well!

Jessica Burkhart said...

Hi Christa! Thanks so much for stopping by. Hopefully, I'll be visiting a few local schools next year and I hope your teens are encouraged to keep writing. :)

Ella Enchanted said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics. But you know that already. Quoting Grey's Anatomy, I'm like a proud mama bear. :)

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