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Project Greenlight Season 2

I was at my library today and I stumbled upon Project Greenlight 2. I snatched up the DVD set and have watched 4 episodes today. I LOVE, LOVE the show. The season I'm watching now is from 2003 and for those who aren't familiar with the show, it follows a screenwriter and a director from contest winner to finished film. The winning screenwriter has his/her film directed by the winning director.

My favorite part so far was watching the screenwriters pitch their films. Things I learned when pitching? 1. Don't talk too fast. 2. Be prepared. 3. Have a backbone. 4. Prove yourself. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are co-producers of the show and I learned a lot from them as I listened to them dissect pitches. When the winning screenwriter was announced, she then was given notes to edit her film (like I'm doing with my novel) and I found the processes very similar.

It made my inner screenwriter perk up. :)


Kelly Parra said…
I never did catch an episode of that show--glad it's good!

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