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Life or death for Harry Potter?

Chances are that by now your town has been swept away in Harry Potter mania. At my local Books-a-Million, the store is gearing for a massive Friday night party complete with costume contest, readings, door prizes and more. I've never been to a HP party, but since this is the last one, I might go.

I'm cautiously reading blogs and Websites in case the rumors are true that the ending has been leaked. I read somewhere that 1200 copies of the book were shipped this week and the shipping company is being sued. If that's true, I don't want to know! There will be no spoilers here until everyone has gotten a chance to read the book.

However, we can at least ponder the ending. So, today's question: Do you think Harry will live or die? (Sorry, Em, I know this isn't your fav topic!)

I think he'll live. Share your HP theory! (I'm looking at you, Ella!) :)


Justine said…
Hi there! I kinda ventured over to your blog from Diana Peterfreund's blog.

I'm a proud Harry Potter dork. As far as Harry goes, I think Harry is going to live. It's a series about good vs. evil, and I think that good will come out on top but not without some surprises. If there's one thing I've learned with JK Rowling; it's that her books are never what they seem until the end.

I decided to do the midnight release party at my local Borders only because it is the last one as well. Enjoy your book this weekend! Here's to hoping it ends well!
Thanks for stopping by, Justine. I hope you have a blast at your party! :)
Stephanie said…
Harry Potter has to live. If he doesn't...well...that's just wrong. The stories that stick with people for generations are the good vs. evil ones. Good must triumph. Not only would JK be shooting herself in the foot if she kills off HP, but I think the magic of the series would be completely lost. We need to see Good triumph.
I agree, Steph. Plus, if Harry lives that means there's always a CHANCE that JK will write about him again. Some day.

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