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Instructor Burkhart ;)

Okay, so I talked last week about an announcement regarding writing (sort of) and now I can finally share the details. For six weeks during the fall, yours truly will be teaching an online writing class for Lamar University in Texas. I'm teaching "Writing for Teen Magazines" for the adult and distance learning department of the university. I wrote and submitted a syllabus and blurb for the course. The info will pop up on Lamar's Website over the next couple of weeks and when it does, I'll post the link here. The university's Professional Writing Center boasts great classes and I'm thrilled to be involved. I'm capping enrollment at 20 students because I'll be writing and editing during that time, but I welcome the chance to try something new and any way to connect with aspiring and professional writers sounds good to me.

So, that's the news for today. :) A big thanks to Jessy for orchestrating everything!


Ella Bovar said…
YAY! If I haven't said it enough, huge congrats.:)
You're sweet, my dear! :)
Mary Danielson said…
That's wonderful, Jessica! I actually have a friend or two who goes to Lamar - it is supposed to be a great proven by this! Congrats!!
Writing Angel said…
Oh wow. And how old are you again? That's crazy. A huge congrats and you'll let us know how it goes of course. :)
Thanks Mary and Writing Angel! It's going to be fun and something completely different for me. I can't wait to get more details to share with you guys. :)
Christa said…
I'm in! Where do I sign?!
Hey Christa, When registration opens I'll post a link here! :)

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