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Sunday Check in!

Tomorrow is check in day! You can do it right here and share your current word count or new page total for Alison Kent's challenge. I'll update my stats tomorrow. I hope you're still sweating with Sven and having fun! :)

So, share your stats!


emily said…
I just posted at Alison's blog to. But I didn't have a very productive "new" writing week, probably only totaling around 2700 new words. But I did spent on average about 6 hours a day revising another book that I have to get finished with this edit within the next week or two for an agent. So I'm pretty happy with that. Have some catch up to do, but hopefully I'll be putting down my other book in about a week and should have plenty of time to get to my goal (which I think is now going to be 50K words on the new book, since I decided to make it for a slightly younger age).

Congrats on all the writing you got done, Jessica.
2700 is great, Emily. Good luck with your revisions, too. I'm doing those now for my editor and the word count can really blossom during rewrites.

My check in for the week: around 10,000. I wrote 5k on my YA (almost finished! Yay!) and about 5k on my tween novel that I'm revising. The tween novel is my first priority, since I'm on a deadline, but it's great to switch over to YA.
Jess said…
Great job so far! Have a fabulous second week, Jessica. :D
Maude Clare said…
Wow. Another one writing a YA. Glad to have found your blog. That's what I am doing.

I just started my book though!

Nice to see your blog. Good luck on your story. I checked Sunday and am blogging my journey too.
Welcome Maude Clare and thanks for stopping by! :)

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