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I've been reading lots of books and articles about promotion and apparently reviews can break or make lots of authors. If a book has few to no reviews that can sway a potential book buyer as can a book with dozens of great reviews.

So, I decided to review books as I finish them that I would highly recommend. I started with Niki Burnham's Goddess Games on Amazon and am going to look over my recent reading list to see if I want to five-star other books. I've done a few but still have several to review. Authors probably don't get as much fan mail as rock stars (except for Meg Cabot, perhaps!) so I like giving good reviews when they're due.

How about you? Do you post reviews?


What article said that?

Everything I've ever read has promoted the idea that not only do Amazon reviews NOT influence book buyers at Amazon, that most book buyers don't shop at Amazon. It accounts for somewhere between 1-2% of sales for almost every author I know. Maybe with someone who is published through a POD press and is only available on Amazon.

I was recently talking to a YA author who said that although teens get on the Amazon page to talk about the book, no one buys from amazon because teens don't usually have the credit cards they need to order through amazon.
Let me find the one that says that exactly and I'll e-mail it to you. It really scared me because it says if someone dislikes a person and posts a bad review out of spite that it can tank sales.

I really liked hearing your take on it, especially since I didn't like what I read since we have no control over our reviews.

I also read that book stores look at how a book sells on Amazon to determine how many copies they stock in stores. to find that article...
Dallas said…
I too have heard that Amazon reviews can really boost your book. When I finish a book I love, I usually search for the author's website on google and write him/her an e-mail "fan letter" -- I never thought about posting a 5-star Amazon review. I think it's a fabulous idea, and a great way to help spread the word about great books!
Kelly Parra said…
I've been doing all my reviews on YA Fresh. I feel the same way as Diana, about many teens not buying from on-line retailers when it would be easier for them to walk into a library or book store. Although, I think there are some teens who have a amazon wish list and I believe the reviews may sway regular amazon buyers somewhat. Don't know any statistics, though! :)

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