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Sunday check in!

Okay, so if you've signed up for Alison Kent's challenge (see previous post) this is where we can check in each Sunday. For today's post, include the following:

1. Current manuscript word count
2. Goal word count for 70 days
3. Genre
4. Title
5. Your main character's names

Next Sunday, check back here when we'll tally up our week's word count! :) Let's get this off to a strong start and here's to finish novels in 70 sweaty days!


This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Here's my info:

1. Hovering at 45k

2. 10k on current YA, 30-35k on new MG and 15k on new High Jumps book 2 for a total of 60k. :)

3. Current project is YA and next is a single title MG followed by the second book in my S&S series.

4. Untitled (sigh)

5. Brie Carter and Logan McCoy (for YA)
Ella Enchanted said…
aw, man Jess. I just signed up. I hope I can make it!!
Jess said…
Hi, Jessica (LOL)! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Good luck on your 70 Days!

My project had 0 words to start. I actually finished the outline and prework on Friday so the challenge came at just the right time.

So my goal is obviously to just do one first full draft for the challenge.

It's science-fiction, not my usual genre, so it should be fun to try something different. It has no title yet.

My main characters are Anna Lowry and Padraig Murdoch.

But I wrote 1235 words today, not a bad start!
I'm so glad you're doing it, Ella! :)

Jess, thanks for stopping by! It's nice to meet other writers.
emily said…
This is good, the more places to keep me accountable, the better!

1. 0 (still at 0, since I spent all day editing another project)
2. 60,000
3. Contemporary YA
4. Con Girl (might change)
5. Kelsie and unknown

Good luck everyone that's doing the challenge! I'm excited for it. I think this is more manageable for me than NaNoWriMo, which I did last year, but just missed the word count, though I did get a rough draft done.
Mary Danielson said…
Our first Sunday check-in - this is definitely the beginning of something good!

My info:

1. 35k and change

2. 40K on current YA, then 30k of an outlined Contemp. Romance

3. YA, CRom

4. Into The Woods, Untitled

5. Elizabeth Archer & Oliver Rai (YA)
Sara Hantz said…
I have just signed up but won't be starting for a couple of days as later today I'm flying back from the UK to NZ (which takes about 36 hours - usually without sleep - including stops).

I'm working on my YA 'Dating The Megan Russell Way' and have about 10k to go. Should be about 45k.

Then working on a new idea - as yet without title and only very loosely planned (will plan in more depth before writing).

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