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Video blogs

Taking a cue from Robyn Schneider's blog, I wanted to know what you all think about video blogs or podcasts. I got a digital camera for graduation (thanks Mom and Dad!) and am toying with the idea of doing a weekly or bi-weekly video blog. Perhaps something well thought out about writing or maybe spontaneous and off the cuff.

I also like the idea of an audio blog (not more than 3-4 minutes) about writing or something related to that subject.

Thoughts? If I did decide to do audio and/or video blogs, what topics would you like me to address?



Carrie said…
I sheepishly must admit that I've never watched a video blog. I totally feel like I'm missing out on a lot. But at the same time, I do a lot of my surfing at work (a quick blog read in between tasks) and I don't want to deal with the audio. And then my home computer's speakers are broken so I can't view them there (plus, I have a mac at home and sometimes it just won't play the videos).

So that's my take on it all. I think they're a cool idea - but tough for some people to see.
Jess said…
Jess, is that sort of like the YouTube stuff? I go there periodically and search for authors, agents, editors who are speaking. Personally, I like that kind of stuff but I'd never do it. :) I think a lot comes into play: voice for one. A shrill unpleasant voice can drive me nuts! Someone who isn't organized can do the same. I'd love to see you give this a try...but do it right. :) Presentation is everything. A friend of mine teaches creative writing, and English classes. I told her about your blog and she in turn told her students. I'll bet you have a lot of lurkers and don't know it, so don't think no one's watching & reading. LOL
Writing Angel said…
I'm a big fan of writing podacasts I Should Be Writing by Mur Lafferty and Whispers at the Edge by Phillipa Ballantine.

I say go for it. Just keep in mind how much of your time it will take to do.
Jess said…
Okay... I went to Robyn's video blog and I guess I'm really old, because it didn't do a thing for me. :) I like to LEARN things...even from 20-somethings. I've already learned from you, Jess... so I'd honestly hate to see you do something dumb... like just giggle and act goofy. :(

Just sign me,
Stuffy Old writer-woman Jess
Thanks for all of your helpful comments, everyone! I was afraid I wasn't "cool" enough because I hadn't done a video blog, but also wasn't sure if it should be serious or silly. I'm definitely on the serious side and if I do a video cast, I'd hope to teach bloggers something. :)

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