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This is my desperate attempt to do something "productive" instead of study for Tuesday's test. The final for British lit consists of identifying quotes from the novels we've read over the entire semester. I read the books, but there's always that fear of missing something and not being able to ID the book. So, I'm trying to reread bits of each book to study the author's style and hope that will give me clues on the final.

One of my professors moved a final from Monday to Thursday, which sucks because I really, REALLY wanted to get it over and not think about it. Oh well, I should do better with more time to study.

I bought a new Power Tracker and damn, the thing is loaded with thousands of contacts for screenwriters, people seeking agents, etc. I only had the trial version before and I love the new one!

I also found a new magazine to query: Orlando Style. I'm trying to keep moving up from kid mags, to teen mags to women's mags. Problem is, I can't find a copy of the magazine! I may have to ask them to send me a sample copy.

Okay, back to Emma, Rob Roy and seven other lovely Brit novels! :) TGIF!

Check back over the weekend to see my graduation announcement, by the way.
(**Thank you Kelly H. for your lovely card!**) :)


Jess said…
Hey, just wanted to tell you to check your chamber of commerce. I used to write profiles for a chamber of commerce magazine. Those mags only go to members of the chamber and you'd be interviewing business owners and profiling them. It's fun. Usually they're done by freelance writers or stringers. If you're too shy to pop in with your writer's resume, then mail a letter of introduction with a copy. Also, Jess, you might contact your local newspaper and tell them you're a freelancer open to assignments. They're usually desperate for stringers. However, they don't pay much and they tend to run you ragged. :(
Jess Burkhart said…
Oooh, I never thought about the chamber idea! That's excellent and thank you! :) I really appreciate it and am definitely going to look into that next week.

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