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Finals, finals everywhere!

One final down, three to go!! I just got out of my Senior Seminar in Anglo and Caribbean Lit. class and finished my first final of the semester. It wasn't too bad and I walked away thinking I'll get an A. Hopefully, that's the case.

I've got a final tomorrow (communications), one on Monday (British lit) and the last final (humanities) of my undergrad college career on Tues. I made graduation announcements a few weeks ago and mailed them to family and friends. I'll post a JPEG of the announcement this weekend.

On the writing side, I took time out from studying yesterday to submit a revision of a Positive Thinker piece to Guideposts Sweet 16. They're so friendly over there and really willing to help their writers. :) We need more mags like that.

I meant to also add that when I was in Books a Million last week, two youngish women were looking at the sci-fi section, which is directly across from the YA aisle. One woman said to her friend, "Oh, man, the teen books are looking better than these this time!" and they started browsing the YA books. Score for the YA peeps!


ERiCA said…
Whoo for the YA peeps, and Super-Whoo for getting your first final out of the way. The finish line is almost in sight!!
Kelly Parra said…
Yay, for the YA peeps!! haha!

Good luck with your finals, Jess!!
Jess Burkhart said…
It's sad, I just started using "peeps" and people are like, "uh, that's been used for, like, four years now..."

I catch on to everything way too late. :)
Jess said…
Thanks for popping over to my blog, Jess. Now you know I'm not smarter than a 5th grader. LOL

Just wanted to tell you I'm thinking of you while you're acing your finals. I'm so proud of your accomplishments you'd think you were mine. :-D
Jess Burkhart said…
Aw, thanks Jess! :) I do try to read your blog often. Once school is over, I'll be able to comment more!

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