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Two good things!

I can't believe it's Monday already! The weekend went by really fast and it's back to work now. I have two pieces of exciting news to share!

One, I received my contract from Girls' Life in the mail today. I'm saving the envelope because it's still exciting to have something published in a magazine I read for years. The envelope is cute, too, all pink and purple. :)

Two, I received word that a local magazine, Tallahassee Woman, has chosen me as a "woman to watch" in an upcoming issue. They'll have a little blurb and a photo about what I've accomplished. I'm honored and will most definitely post the page online.

I'll be spending the day working on YA MSS edits. I'll also be coming up with query ideas for Teen and Seventeen. Yep, I decided it's time to go after the majors.

Happy Monday!


Jess said…
Wow! Jess, congratulations. I knew you were a woman to watch when I came across your blog. LOL
You go, girl. I'm thrilled for you.
April said…
Congrats! Those are exciting pieces of news. Aww..I don't remember my GL contract coming in such a pretty envelope. haha. Speaking of which, I STILL have not heard back from them. Did you photo copy your contract or anything? Mine only came with the one to send back to them, and I didn't photocopy it. My bad.
Thanks so much, Jess! :)

April, I faxed them the contract back. So, I got to keep the original.
Ella Enchanted said…
Congratulaaaaations, once again! You're having a very good year, Jess and hopefully it'll only get better. :) Go for the big ones, J.
Congrats, Jessica, what an achievement! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week.

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