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Friday the 13th

Anyone have anything bad or eerie happen today? I didn't, so I'm feeling lucky! :)

I've got my first final on Thursday, one next Saturday and the following Tuesday. I'm counting down until they're finished.

I've been working on school and reworking a chapter in my YA manuscript today and have been trying to ignore the lure of the Internet.

I'll close with: RIP Kurt Vonnegut.


Kelly Parra said…
I didn't have anything freaky happen--yay! Good luck with keeping away from the lure of the net. I fail miserably at that. haha! :) :)
Jess Burkhart said…
Yeah, I had to unplug my wireless router so I'd get some work done! :)
Carol said…
Hey, Jessica, glad you stopped by my blog. We like the same movies. I didn't have anything weird or freaky happen, just irritating, like being drenched by the rain when it turned my umbrella inside out.Good luck with finals.
ERiCA said…
No freakiness here, either. Except me bizarrely arriving on time for an appointment. That was kind of weird. =)

Best of luck on finals!!
Tempest Knight said…
I had a good day. :) It's sad to hear about K. Vonnegut. I loved "Slaughterhouse 5."

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