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How many blogs?

I was looking over the list of blogs that I simply must visit daily and I wonder if it has gotten out of hand. I'm up to 10 blogs a day that I feel I can't live without reading! Is that a lot? They're all writing blogs and I try to make the excuse that I'm learning (I really am!) when I read all of these blogs each day, but I wonder if that's true. I've certainly expanded my online circle of writer friends, so I think it has definitely been beneficial in that area.

How many blogs to you HAVE to read each day?

PS- Today, I went to the library and a great librarian that I've befriended saw me in the magazine section (Okay, okay- I was reading US Weekly) and yelled "Hey, you should be home writing!") :) Gotta love the librarians!


Tori said…
Well, being on Livejournal, I have 15 blogs or so on my friends list, which means I don't have to go individually to all of them -- I can just click on my 'Friends' page and see the most recent entries for all of them. Less time spent on trying to figure out who has posted that way. ^_^ So besides those 15, I think I have about 15 more blogs that are either agents, published authors, or aspiring writers.

Some of them I find inspiring, others I find informative, others just plain interesting, and still more all of the above. I like the idea of being a part of a community of writers.
Heather Harper said…
I subscribe to all feeds from my blogroll on bloglines, so I do my reading in one sitting. It's an extremely efficient way to blog hop if you are looking for a timesaver. :)
ERiCA said…
I try to visit the blogs in my blogroll (which consists of the people who comment on mine) every day, or every other day at the most. And then there's other blogs I visit (even though they don't visit mine... *sobs*) and can't imagine living without.

I have well over 10, too. This must be the addict list. (Hello, I'm Erica, and I have a blog problem. *g)
Jess said…
Good ideas on the time savers, guys. I'll definitely try that! :)
BloggingWriter said…
I have 25+ blogs on my blogroll and keep up with them through Google Reader, but there are only ten or so 'must reads'. Like Tori, I find them interesting, informative and inspiring.
Carrie said…
lord, I'm a blog-aholic. Addicted, addicted, addicted! I tried using bloglines but for some reason it just never worked for me. I have bookmarked at work about 20 blogs that I check in every day or two (prob 5-10 I read every day). But I generally read those as a way to transition from one project to the next - a little brain clearing.

The problem is that I'm always finding new blogs (they're all writing blogs except for two). And sometimes (like this week) I'll find a new writer whose blog voice I really like and I'll go back and read the archives. I love to read posts from before and after a sale - it gives me such inspiration.

And yeah, I do think it gets out of hand at times :)

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