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Hello, three day weekend!

I'm soo excited that it's a three day weekend after tomorrow! Well, weekends or weekdays really don't make much different to me as a writer, but it does mean no business related e-mails, stopping for publicity, etc., so I'll be kicking off a Three Day Write-a-Thon on Saturday morning!

Want to join me?

If you do, cool! Leave a comment here that you're going to be writing/editing/outlining, etc., and what you're working on if you like. Throughout the weekend and Monday, check in here to cheer each other on and report your progress. I'll be doing word count updates via Twitter. :) I love writing with other people. It, um, keeps me from getting distracted. Plus, it's embarrassing if I report back with a sad word count.

So, join me via Twitter, Facebook, my blog and let's WRITE!

I'm going to be outlining POPULAR and writing it, too. That's my project. I want to get as far as possible into it.


Kaytlin Petty said…
I'll do it! I am writing a book about pony riders showing on the Pony circuit! This should be fun, I need to write anyways! :)
Paula said…
What the heck, I'm in. Fair warning, I'm just getting back from a long hiatus so I'm still in baby steps phase. Significant word count is step 2 in my 12 step process. LOL
Yay, Katylin! Your idea sounds so fun. :)

Hey, Paula--so glad you're in! Baby steps are always welcome. :) You've got cheerleaders, now!
Connie said…
I will work on my new story at home, because I'm not a publishing authour or anything...
AAARRRGGGHHH!!!! I've been watching the Canterwood Crest video over and over, and I have memorized all the new characters, but I feel sososososososososososo super sad that Sasha won't be there anymore. Well, Sasha wasn't my favorite, but seeing Paige and Callie and everyone, it just brings this huge wave of sadness. On a happier note, the new characters look super cool!!! I like Riley (though I am biased because I am Chinese and she looks Chinese. Or Japanese or Vietnamese or Korean.)
Anonymous said…
I'll do it! I'm writing a story for English class called saving Paige.-Aladdin and Emily 4ever!@@!
Anonymous said…
I'm In! Definitely want to do it. I really like writing for fun, and I have a couple stories going. One is a HP fan fiction, and one (it's in the works) is a spin-off of Glee!
CCH said…
On Friday I will be on a six hour car ride and I am going up to heiber, az
And I'm staying in my grandmas and aunts condo( there condos are right next to each other) anyways my whole families up there and I'm so ready to write I am trying to get a book published and i'm working on another one,
But it is going to be so nice going from180 degrees farenhite to 70 degrees
And I started school august tenth and I've been so busy since
DancingQueen said…
OMG totaly in! It's so cool that you happened to post this just as I've started a new book series! I just posted chapter one of it on HorseMystic, and I'd def like to join you with your Write-Athon. It's hard for me to stay with one book. Usualy I have good ideas, and I start books, but enver finish them--I hope I can finish this one! It's sorta like The Lying game, but but different. It's about twins (one rich one poor) who meet together at a boarding school, and try to figure out who their parents are, while dealing with homework, schoolwork, boys, friends, and drama :)
Madelyn said…
I can't wait for your new books to come out. I love all the new characters and already know i'll love the new ones.
Show Jumper said…
I'll do it. I can't wait. I REALLY need to start working on my stories again. I have SO many things that I need to work on right now. Thanks for coming up with this!!!

-Show Jumper <3 (ericsashacharm)
Julie said…
I am totally going to do it!!!
I like writing as a hobby and I am in the process of writing a novel... :)
Sam Newman :) said…
I'd love to, but school starts on Tuesday, and I have to wake up at six, and it's my first day of middle school, so I need all weekend to get ready. (Which means that I'll be spending my kick-back time with buds &/or resting my brain, lol. :)

cant WAIT for Initiation! :D but I'm so bumbed it's not coming 'till 2012. :(

peace! :) <3
Hey, all! Yay for so many people joining! I'm sooo excited! :) We're going to ROCK this weekend!
Anonymous said…
I would love to join. I will write about, hmm, a girl and her horse :)
Jackie V. said…
i'm in! i have a few things i've been working on, so i can't wait! ~Jackie
Carolyn said…
I'm so in! I'm writing about a new rider finding her perfect horse... XD Cheesy, right?
My check in #1: I JUST got started at 4:30pm. Word count/page count coming later!

How's everyone doing?
Show Jumper said…
I'm doing great and I've been working for hours. I'm editing and writing at the same time.

Word Count: 17,123

Page Count: 38

More updates to come later tonight.
Paula said…
Just started at 5 and did 45 minutes. Ran into some issues having to update my PageFour software. Blah blah, blah the point is I got in some writing time after doing everything else today. So I'm pumped. Hope everyone got in their writing today. A little is better then none. Rock on writers.
Show Jumper said…
Getting really far into my project.
Anonymous said…
I've written about 900 words today. My main focus this weekend is less on the word count, though, and more on making it through this portion of the book. There's a different set of characters making things happen in this part of the book than in the first part (with some overlap, like two thirds of a Venn diagram) and I'm still trying to get comfortable with the dynamics between these characters. I technically know how they relate to each other, but that's a far cry from being comfortable writing it! I did make a start on that today, though, and I plan to get even further over Sunday and Monday.
Show Jumper said…
@britlitfantwin hey sounds awesome. need any help I'll be on almost all night
I've got Diet Coke, iced coffee with a shot of vanilla and a kitty beside me.

Time to get started!

How's everyone doing?
Show Jumper said…
I started at 12:00. Been busy editing and writing. Word/page count to come soon.
horsecrazed3 on twitter, Molly said…
Ugh. Just got started a little while ago today, but I'm proud of it :) Is there anyway we'll be able to share with people, like through e-mail, comments, or blogs?
Anonymous said…
Only wrote a few sentences today, but I did plan out the story and work on the characters a lot today.
Anonymous said…
I will join. I am writing a book about girls who live in an unknown indian territory and they ride wild horses. I love it so far, not to brag. And i got a lot of work done since friday!!!
Violet and Ruby said…
Hey, Molly,

What are you wanting to share? Progress? If so, leave it in the comments here or Tweet it--however you like. :) It's hashtagged as #3daywat
Anonymous said…
So jessica if you are reading this i want you to know that you are a very talented author. I wish you could read my story. I am the one who posted a few minutes ago about the indians and wild horses story.
Molly said…
Violet and Ruby, aka Jess and Kate-
Could we, like, share drafts or excerpts or something?

Molly, you may share whatever you like. :) Maybe you'll get feedback from other participants if you're looking for that.
Anonymous said…
Molly, I guess if we all left our email address we would have a way to share...... mine is and anyone can email me whenever. Id rly like to see how everyone's stories are coming along. And Hi jessica!!!!!! :)
Molly, the awesome said…
Cool :) Making a website as I type!!! I'll post a link here or on Twitter, but it'll be password protected, if I can figure that out :)
Oh, and Aly-I'll try and make a special e-mail just for writing stuff :)
Anonymous said…
Molly, do you have an email address now? Maybe you can leave that one and then when you get a new one you can email that one. What is your story about? Oh and i may not respond for at least 10 mins because i will be in the car cause i am going to a sleepover. But i will be able to comment there. ;)
Molly said…
I'm not aloud to use my real e-mail with people I don't know, lemme ask my mom and dad if I can make one :)
Anonymous said…
Hey here's a question to anybody...Do you model your character's personality or appearance from people in real life? I do sometimes otherwise I have trouble picturing the person.
AshtoMay said…
Hey I love canterwood I started in thrid grade and now in sixth and love them even more!!! I want to be like Lauren do much... I love her!!!!!
Ashton J. said…
Hey I am going to start to write a book any topic ideas?!?!?!:)

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