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Oklahoma City conference update

It's day three (well, two and a half) in Oklahoma City. Kate's taking pitches so I hijacked her Mac (this is saying something cuz I'm a PC girl and it usually takes prodding to get me to use her computer.) But! We did our editor/author panel yesterday and I think it went well. :) I had a speech early this morning and Kate's is this afternoon. Don't know yet what the rest of our schedule is, but we've barely seen the inside of our very nice room. (Thanks, Embassy Suites!)

Our flight leaves...hmmm...don't know when tomorrow and I've got to run down to the biz center and print our boarding passes. I love that I got pulled aside at LaGuardia (I was scaaared!) and had my suitcase searched. The item that set off the detectors? A book in my suitcase. Yes, really. TSA...*shakes head*

But we've met a lot of lovely people and it's been sooo warm and nice here. Everyone's superfriendly and the conference has been a blast.

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