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So sorry to the reader girlies for being MIA lately on the blog. But a serious scare came up with The BFF and she's going to be completely fine, but it was very, very scary. I'm taking the day off and today to clean my apt and regroup.

I haven't been in a hospital since my back surgery and I was such a wuss then that I'd faint or throw up at the mere sighting of a needle or blood. K made a point to shield me from that, but I was running on adrenaline. Even with all of my baggage about hospitals, doctors and surgery--I would have swapped places with her in a second. And I can't say that about anyone else. But this girl is a trooper. She was in indescribable pain and she pushed through it like R and I knew she would--no doubt. I wanted to strange a few of the ER staff, but she got great care on her floor.

Plus, we had a very sweet and uplifting surprise from friend PG Kain who brought the flower that defines KA. It has a prickly stem and pretty pink petals on the top. :)

She's resting, ready for a fun TV marathon later and it's going to be a chill evening. Plus, we decided we deserve mani/pedis to erase the nail colors we wore to the hospital.

I'll be contacting the winner of the Amanda Marronne giveaway, though.

I've got some work to do, which probably won't be book related. More like half work and half apt cleaning.

Finally, thank you ALL for the fan mail you've been sending to Simon & Schuster. I read every letter and as soon as my schedule slows, I promise you'll get a response whether you emailed or snail mailed me.

Again, I can't thank you all enough for the texts, Facebook messages, Tweets and e-mails about Kate. It means a lot and really--thank you. <3


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