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I'm lucky to read a lot of ARCS (advanced reader copies) from Simon & Schuster. One of my new faves is the first in a series by Amanda Marrone and edited by Editor K. It's called THE MAGIC REPAIR SHOP: THE MULTIPLYING MENACE.

I read it and loooved it. So, I think you guys might, too! It doesn't come out until August 24, so yay for an early copy!

Since we had serious problems with comments last time, I'll have to screen them all. So your comment will *not* be posted until I've reviewed it and then I'll let it go through. Just comment once, like usual, and when I can, I'll read it and post it. If you'd like to be entered to win an early copy of the book, just leave a comment. :)

It's a really, really fun book and I love it!

You have until Monday, May 10th at midnight to enter. I'll post the winner that week and you'll have your book soon after. :) Be sure to check back to see if you've won so I can give you info about how to contact me. If I don't hear from you, I can't mail your prize! (US addresses only)

PS: If you sent me a book to sign, it WILL be coming to you. I've been out of town a lot and am just getting back to reader mail.


Saskia said…
Yes! First one to 'shout out!' please Jessica enter me! My name is Saskia W. I lvoe your books and if you like this book, I'm sure I will too!
Holly said…
Second comment! I've always been, like, 50th comment! My name is Holly L.-I'd love to be entered in this! Oh-and thanks for bringing comments back!
Joannah said…
Hey Jessica! I saw the last thing you posted and Thats pretty awful that someone would day something like that! I can't believe someone would do that! But tell her congrats. I'm happy for her!! :D

I'd like to enter. It looks like a cute book. My sister has two multiplying menaces. And her beau has to add a gunea pig to that. :D lol.

And can't wait for City secrets. It releases 2 days b4 my bday, so thats pretty cool. :)
Adina said…
Cool a new book. I dont know if ill like it, but ill enter anyway. My name is adina and i can be reached at
Anonymous said…
Sounds great! Too bad i can't enter...
october said…
enter me please! im sb =)
Caroline ;D said…
I wanna enter! :) Its Crlnhrd from Twitter! :D I'm totally obsessed with Canterwood Crest, if it isn't obvi enough. Just thought I'd remind you ;D haha
Isadora said…
Hi Jessica! I'd love to enter... my name is Lydia L. :) I can't wait for City Secrets to come out! I've got a countdown on my calander. :D
Thoroughbredstar said…
Please enter me
Also Jess, I loved HSD. It was a great book, you are an inspiration to me and my writing <3 you jessica. P.S. u should expand the series to 20 instead of just 16, I mean 16 is such a small number, right?
Kathleen said…
I saw what you said about somebody cursing when you last opened comments, and that's just awful. I'd loved to be entered - let me know on Facebook if I won, please.

Since we can't post in the other topic, though, congratulations to Kate!
marissa said…
Yes Yes Yes! I'd love to be entered in this! My name is Marissa S. Thank you Jess!
Sara S said…
this book look great! please enter me :)

~Sara S
CrossCountryGirl said…
Congrats to kate! I woul love to be entered, can you just enter me as CrossCountryGirl? Thanks!
Hey Jess!
I love love love your books, horses, writing, and lip gloss! My fave charactar is Sasha Silver and I made her a blog! Please check it out.
I hope there is NO copyright!
Hi Jess!
I'm sort of sick :(
So if you can give me a shout out I would feel better!
Molly, a BIG fan

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