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Sunday, May 9, 2010

And so I finally got . . .

Yep, I finally got it!! :)

My tattoo (still a little swollen) with Kate's

Ever since Kate got her tattoo about sixish months ago, I've been like, "I want one!" And we've had six months of conversation that goes something like this.

Me: I really want a tattoo.
K: You should get one!
Me: *feeling faint* Never mind! Don't want to talk about it!

A month later:

Me: I really want a tattoo.
K: I know. Let's talk about what it could be.
Me: *freaks at the thought of a needle* Ummm, later!

Sometime later:

Me: Okay, okay. Ideas?
K: What do you think of_______? (See above)
Me: OMG, and the font should be___________. (Above again)
Me: That's enough! Done! Don't want to talk about it!

And Kate put up with six months of 30 second or less conversations about my getting or not getting a tattoo. A couple of weeks ago, I was finally (with some serious convincing) able to look at fonts online and picked what I think is a gorgeous and lovely font. Then, I was like, la, la, la--I'll get... sometime.

But this Saturday turned out to be THE perfect day. Kate and I went to New York Adorned (one of the best tattoo places in NYC) and also the place where Kate got her tattoo. After paperwork and a half hour wait, I met my artist, Chad, who was funny and amazing. Shockingly, I was only a little nervous when over the past six months I would almost have a panic attack when I thought about getting a tattoo.

Kate held my hand the entire time and it took about 5 minutes. Tattoo? Done! Chris bandaged it up and three hours later, Kate took off the bandage and I had exactly what I wanted on my left wrist.

I'm proud that I was finally able to get it done and it's something I'll never regret having permanently on my body.

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