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WSJ talks about dark YA

Here's a link to an article than ran in today's WSJ about dark YA, how it's selling and what might be driving readers to buy these books. Sure, the article kind of missed the fact that dark YA has been around for a looong time, but I'm glad to see the paper (thanks Katie Roiphe) covering YA.

As someone who writes lighter tween but adores reading and aspires to write dark YA, I think the books Katie mentioned are must reads for those interested in that area of YA. The timing of the article, for me, is awesome because I've been playing with a dark YA but ultimately had to put it down because now wasn't the time to write it. But last night, I came up with a new dark YA idea and got up at 4am to write it down so I wouldn't forget. I'm exploring it in my brain today while doing other stuff.

I'm trying to get things done on my "must do" list before 3ish because Libba Bray will be at my neighborhood B&N at 4. I want to go, but I've got a zillion things to do first. It would prob help if I stopped writing this blog...


Candace said…
I have several things to say about that article, but would like to preface it by saying that I personally loved 13 Reasons Why. I went out and picked it up the day that it was released, and found it utterly engrossing. I think that, way too often, adults underestimate the intelligence of teens to understand what adults think are too 'grown up' issues. Kids/teens understand a lot more than they think.

I didn't read the whole article, just skimmed it, but there is nothing wrong with 'dark' YA. If we want literature to reflect real life, we have to accept that life is not all rosy and pleasant and that means tapping into the darker corners of the teenage mind. 'Dark' YA reflects the not-so-great sides of life, like teenage suicide.

Thanks for sharing that article. I think you should definitely pursue dark YA- it's fun to explore other tones of reading/writing!
Jim said…
Thanks for posting the link.

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