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Book stalking in the 'hood

I realized that I haven't been book stalking in my new neighborhood yet! So, today, I did. I met the lovely Annie at Barnes & Noble who works in the children's department. I told her my name and the series and she was like, "Oh. Oh!! The horse books!" She was super sweet and filled that B&N basket with my books to sign. I was about to die. I signed a basket of books and it was so fun. So, if you want autographed copies of TAKE THE REINS, CHASING BLUE or BEHIND THE BIT, they're in stock.

Like a dork, I went to B&N last night to get a book (THE GLASS CASTLE), but forgot my other reason for going. The above! My reader girlies have been emailing me to say I've got a short story in the current issue of YOUNG RIDER Magazine and I hadn't had the chance to grab a copy. Thank you so much to Lesley Ward for running a bio box and mentioning the Canterwood books. Really sweet of you and I appreciate all of the YR support.

This is said issue. (Above.)

And okay. I was taking pics of all of my friends' books and the security guy was looking at me like, "What are you doing crazy girl?" I was finally like, "Dude. I'm a writer. These are my friends' books. 'Kay?" This was when I was snapping the pic of R Pattz. *grins* And NO--I did not purchase anything Rob-related. I was good.

Mandy's PRADA AND PREJUDICE. (Oh, and note from here on--I did not face out or move any of these books. This is how they were on shelves.)




THINGS ARE GONNA GET UGLY by Hillary Homzie. Um, go Aladdin MIX for being faced out everywhere. Just sayin'.

NYT bestselling DORK DIARIES also edited by L Abrams.

Yay, all! :) Thank you, Annie, for being so wonderful!

Also, a huge congrats to Alyson Noel on her GIANT new book deal. What I love about Alyson--she's had monster success recently (not that she wasn't doing amazing before!) and it hasn't changed her at all. She's still one of the nicest authors I've ever met and I'm thrilled for her!


Emma said…
I've been following your blog ever since I read about you being an author in Young Rider. I read the first two chapters of your first book online, and I think your a fabulous writer! I now look up to you completely, because you are a fantastic example and do exactly what I want to do: write about horses. Well, I guess I could settle for just being an author, but I think my writing will always lean toward horses...
Anyways, thanks so much for being such a great inspiration!
Bookworm said…
Haha I saw a big stack of books in Borders the other day, all being yours, and was ready to snap a pic when I realized "Wow. Jess will think I'm a stalker!" But guess I'm not alone...I'll definitely get some next time!!!

And I just read Emma's comment above...How completely sweet/awesome is that???
nisha said…
Haha, I was totally doing this at Border's today. Except I admit it. I totally put Mandy's and Cindy's book face up. I'm not ashamed to admit it! :-D
My books totally going to be on the shelves someday soon! As soon as I finish these revisions...grr.
Congrats on the write up! Alyson is going to be interviewing on my blog in two weeks. She's amaaazing! love her.
have a great week(end)!

Anonymous said…
Very cool to see all these pics! :)
Shelli said…
i always turn boos fac eout when I recognize (blog follow) the writers :)

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