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**Warning: People who heart me and worry about my survival should stop reading now. You've been warned!**

Last night, around 8:30ish, I looked up at my ceiling fan (see below) and realized, "Oh. Hey. I never cleaned that!" So, I got out that step ladder and cleaned the fan blades and then the glass shade things. They were pretty dirty and def needed to come off and be washed. There were three screws per shade and I was all, "Yay!" when I got them off. I washed the shades and started to screw them back on.

I got this far and was screwing in the third shade when ZAP!

Shocked. I was turning the screw and got shocked. Not strong enough to knock me off the ladder, but strong enough to make me sit on the floor for half an hour, stare up at the fan and mutter awful things about it. I was scared to finish putting up the rest of the shades! I waited for a while and finally tried again. I got all of the shades on and I'm never touching them again. No matter how dirty they may get. :)


Stephanie J said…
I'm glad it was only a minor zap! and nothing serious. Water and electricity do not The perils of first time apartment living!
Candace said…
Oh no! Glad it wasn't serious! Reminds me of the electric wires we put around the pastures at several barns i've trained at. Very unpleasant to accidentally touch one.
Lewis Harris said…
cleaning is rarely a good idea :^)
Glad it was only a minor shock!
nova said…

Don't do that again!

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