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Deadline craze

Blogging is about to get slowish (I think, anyway. Unless, R Pattz is spotted cuz then all bets are off!) because it's Insane Deadline Time and I'm feeling crazy behind. Which isn't really true. I'm not sooo behind, but it feels that way until I hit midpoint of the book. This is the panic stage of "Aahh! I better get words down or else!"

So, if I owe you an email (my reader girlies!) I'm sorry! I will respond ASAP, I promise. Thank you for writing me and I WILL write back. Just give me a little time or LITTLE WHITE LIES will be late and Editor K will confiscate my lip gloss until I finish it...that would be bad, ya know? :) There would be crying and Lip Smackers cotton candy withdrawal (my fave) and it would be sad.

Gotta get back to Sasha & Co., but I'll be blogging whenever I can. But know that I have to go into Manhattan on Wednesday. Yep. That means subway. And directions. And a high probabilty of something happening that's blog worthy.

Btw, thank you to Whitebrook Farm for blogging about the Girls' Horse Club fiction competition. (See blogger sidebar or old entry for deets).


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