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Flatiron Lounge taken over by MIXers

I went to the Flatiron Lounge yesterday to meet the lovely and awesome Taylor Morris and PG Kain. While I was waiting...

I watched two guys set up a camera and then those two people (newscasters) showed up minutes later. They got directions from the camera guy, "Just walk straight, talk to each other and smile! But start over if someone walks in front of you."

Newsguy and Newsgirl walked a few yards away, then walked back doing their thing. I, of course, took a cell phone pic. They did this four times before they got it and left.

I wonder what THAT segment is going to be about...?

Taylor, PG and I had so much fun and it's so cool to be able to go out with other authors and not talk about writing or books. Oh, no! We had topics of utmost importance to cover, including but not limited to reality TV and Speidi.

Happy weekend!


That picture is so cool! You seem to get alot of exciting things happening in New York! Glad your having fun.

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