Saturday, June 13, 2009

I heart the park

Street lamp = pretty!

This trail makes me want to have a dog to borrow just to walk. Any takers?

(When I took this pic, "real" people were playing baseball and I was like, "Aw. Sigh. It's not vampire baseball. LOL.)

Yesterday, I got stuck on my YA WIP and needed a break, so I headed to the park. I've only ever been on the edge of it and who knew there were MILES of trails--like, shaded trails with signs so you don't get lost--for exploring and walking. I looove it there! It's rained so much that some of the trails were flooded, so I hopped around puddles (read: lakes) and enjoyed the squirrels, grass and trees. Very pretty.

I love that I can either walk down my fave streets in town or head out to the park if I want to be alone and need quiet. It's cool. I love, love the streetlamps. I wouldn't walk around the park alone at night, but I'll prob try to talk Roy and Kassie into walking around with me one night 'cause I really want to see the street lamps on and it would be fun.

3 shout outs:

Butterscotch Pony said...

The park is my favorite part of NYC! I only got to go on a short carriage ride there but it is still a beautiful place! I'm glad you "heart the park" like I do!!!

nova said...

Hmmmm... nice park, reason enough to get a puppy? Me, I'm always looking for kitten excuses, but having a park nearby doesn't exactly help with the convincing.

I love streetlamps too. Walking through my enough neighborhood park at dusk when the lights just come on is amazing.

Teashop Girl said...

Great pictures, Jessica!

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